Darkness Fell and the Demon’s Sceptre

The year is 2020.

Darkness Fell is a witch who doesn’t want other people to use magic. She’s always clearing up the magical messes and mishaps that others leave behind. She saves lives, and she’s the only one that can stop evil from creeping into our world. She’s the person that stands between us and the darkness.

When she believes that her father’s journal has been stolen from a high security vault in London, she knows she must stop the thief before the journal’s dangerous secrets cause untold damage. Enlisting the help of Nathan Boyes, the star reporter of the London Evening News, she discovers a trail of death and destruction that leads them into the frozen wastes of Europe and beyond.

They face a ruthless and determined enemy who will stop at nothing… but who exactly is this enemy, and what power does the mythical Demon’s Sceptre hold?

As time runs out, only one thing is clear: the fate of the world is at stake.

“Darkness Fell and the Demon’s Sceptre” is a near-future fantasy eBook.



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